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  • NewFED™ Mortgage Corporation is not the only way to get your home financed, but it should be. We treat each customer the way we would like to be treated. We have great support and sales staff who want to prove to you that we can get the job done each and every time you need financing.

    We also have great alliances with attorneys, insurance agents, realtors, builders, and more. Ask us if you need any help with anything associated with the home buying process, and thank you for visiting our website.

    Shopping For Your Home Loan

    Buying a home is an important financial decision that should be considered carefully. We invite you to download the Your Home Loan Toolkit booklet. This valuable resource will help you become familiar with the various stages of the home-buying process, including whether you are ready to buy a home, and providing factors to consider in determining how much you can afford to spend. You will learn about the sales agreement, how to use a loan estimate, required settlement services to close your loan, and much more.
    Is an adjustable-rate mortgage right for you? Download this helpful booklet to learn more about how these mortgages differ from other fixed mortgage products. Get the answers you need to questions like "How often does the interest rate adjust?" "What will the monthly payments be for the first year?" and "How long does the initial rate apply?" Our experienced Loan Officers would be happy to assist with your questions.
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  • Robert Rocklein joins New Fed Mortgage to open new Branch Opportunities. Danvers, MA – 1/7/2016 – Robert Rocklein joins New Fed Mortgage to develop a new Branch Opportunity. Robert Rocklein is a 30-year veteran of Mortgage Lending, where he has held a variety of top positions in many different mortgage companies.  He has an extensive background in the mortgage lending industry,. . .

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  • NewFed receives mortgage lender approval from the United States Department of Agriculture Danvers, MA (12/29/16) – Danvers-based NewFed Mortgage Corp., a multi-state residential mortgage lender is pleased to announce their approval by the United States Department of Agriculture. A local family owned company, based in New England, NewFed Mortgage takes pride on its commitment for truly. . .

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