• Meet The Team

    Our team has some of the most experienced and knowledgeable staff in the mortgage industry. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, timely communication, expert advice, and the personal service only a local, owner-operated brokerage can provide.

    Loan Officers / Management

      Ralph Abrams
      Justin Arsenault
      Michael Bornstein
      Joseph Buelow
      Jean Burns
      Bob Capone
      Dennis Casamasina
      Kristen Constantine
      David Contreras
      Brian D'Amico
      Sandra Dennehy
      Anthony DiCiero
      Matthew Dion
      Joan Duggan
      Charles Erbafina
      Francisco Espaillat
      George Fabrizio
      Ryan Ferriter
      Ed Hanratty
      Patricia Hopper
      James Khoury
      Robert Loss
      John Marroni
      Fred Munichiello
      Sandro Pansini Souza
      Stacie Philbrook
      Michael Rice
      Brian Spillane
      Tim Sturtevant
      Mike Tokatlyan
      Gerry Tully
      John Wight

    Support Staff

      Ashley Addesa
      Karen Bertolami
      Nancy Curiale
      Kristin Dennis
      Joan Gallant
      Kim Hiltonen
      Erin McClintock
      Justin McKenna
      Marilyn Murphy
      Ron Poole
      Linda Thorndike
      Janeen Traill
      Erin Volkmann
      Gigi Wentzell
      Sheila Yiakis