• Mike Tokatlyan

    Mike Tokatlyan

    Loan Originator

    MLO #652481

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    Mike Tokatlyan brings a unique philosophy to his real estate business: He believes in the "totality" of the experience and is dedicated to helping each of his clients navigate through the entire process -- from pre-approval to closing. With more than five years of in-depth experience in mortgage lending, an interest in all things home-related, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, he has built his reputation on performance and professionalism.

    Tokatlyan is a doer and an innovator; he is as likely to offer selling tips on staging and landscaping that create buyer impact as he is to give informed recommendations about listing price. His real expertise, however, is applied to the realm of helping buyers navigate the sometimes muddy waters of loan application and approval. He can explain the alphabet soup of financing options precisely. He is knowledgeable about the requirements and relative merits of FHA, VA and USDA financing, and will outline options for conventional, jumbo and first-time buyer programs with an eye to finding the lowest rates and the best possible "fit."

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